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Guild Charter
To explore every dungeon, wilderness and even worlds that we may come across.
To collect and study all things magical, whether mundane or supernatural.
To hone our skills to be capable to handle any challenge that we may face.
To eradicate evil in all of it's guises, and use all of our power, knowledge and skill to protect innocence and justice.
To educate others so that they may achieve their full potential.

About the Guild
We are a roleplaying guild.
-This applies to everything from guild chat to character names.
-If you are new to roleplaying, that is fine, there is always a time to learn.
-There will not be an 'Out of Character' chat channel, as this seems to encourage people to use the channel exclusively.

We do not require character builds to be a 'Min/Max' build.
-All builds, classes and races are welcome to join.
-Many builds based on a roleplaying twist are often considered gimped or suboptimal.
-New build ideas are not only allowed, but encouraged. Many times new builds are ridiculed and rejected on the forums, because they are not the 'Norm.'

Not every party needs to crawl through dungeons, slowly exploring every corner.
-Zerging is fine.
-Party members should agree on quest speed, and feel free to leave a group, should it not be their style.

New players should be educated not ridiculed.
-You are not required to help new people, but do not mock someone for their ignorance.

All conversations must remain mature and appropriate.
-No talking about drinking, drugs, sex, etc...
-Remember roleplaying, so characters talking about meeting up at the tavern after a quest for a pint of ale, is acceptable.
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